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Vasudev Drug Intermediates

Vasudev Drug Intermediates is a company that brings together the global availability of various drug intermediates. The company was formed in 2012 with a intention to be an active supplier of "Active Pharma Ingredients API and Drug Intermediates with a long range of chemicals" .
We have started our business with experience and better services to our pharma partners. This catalyzed our growth in the domestic and global market. Our experience of many years qualified us in Pharmaceutical segment, we have grown from "Just being a supplier of few Indian manufactured chemicals" to even manufacturing and indenting pharma intermediates and chemicals from our worldwide network as per their availability in India and other countries to serve the Industry, Also we are actively involved in exporting API's and Excipients to various parts of the world.
Manufactured using hygienic and safe techniques, our chemical products are high on each aspect of quality and effectiveness. We possess, at our premises, an excellent multipurpose facility which meets all GMP standards and other international quality standards. We specialize in introducing new drugs and drug intermediates to the chemical industry consistently.
Currently we are one of leading manufacturer and supplier of Intermediates and API's Active Pharma Ingredients to MNC Pharma companies, Indian Pharmaceutical industries and also to various Small Scale Industry and Medium Scale Pharmaceutical companies.
We pursue strong organic growth. This policy is complemented by key alliances with outstanding partners. We extend our presence into new markets of API , Drug Intermediates and add to our capabilities. In every action, we follow our guiding values of truthfulness, Respect, Collaboration, Excellence and Leadership.
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Company Philosophy

We believe "Undertaking Ethical Dealing ". constant accomplishments are made to emphasize perfect consistency to these ethical standards. We have taken ways to chase total consistency to the Management of Business Ethics system in our organisation.


Quality has been a major focus of Vasudev both in terms of human resources and products of Drug Intermediates. We supply our clients with the array of documentation required for generic API's and their respective Intermediates.

Our Values

Vasudev Drug Intermediates is keeping all promises made within and outside the organisation and we are a benchmark company with respect to our products and services.

How we work

We act as a complete facilitating associate between our client companies and our trustworthy and most reliable partner of supplier companies. We recognize the specific requirements with exceeding expectations of our client companies for Drug Intermediates & APIs, Chemicals, and other Pharmaceutical Raw materials.


We have taken ways to chase total consistency to the Management of Business Ethics system in our organisation.


We continually endeavour to accomplish the maximum possible standards in all our routine work and in the quality of the products and services we offer globally.


We are dedicated to constant challenges and extend feasible options and solutions towards betterment in every possible way.


We show respect, concern and humanity for all our colleagues and customers internationally, and extend our full support to capture the best from all our associations.


We are accountable corporate company and aware about the countries, environments in which we operate.

Our Mission

We aim to Provide best product at competitive price with best services. Our endeavour is constantly improvising the supply chain to enhance the product, quality and services.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be the most respected and successful Global API, Intermediate and chemical supplier company.